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Yes you read that correctly, that is the actor portraying Lucfier on the Fox show based off the comic. Now, what is getting people heated. Lucifer is evil! And why should he look so good! I'm not going to go on my rant about it but honestly, I think they nailed him perfectly! What is your take? Btw even Supernatural's Lucifer was definitely not bad looking at all!
Nope, he was a charmer too lol! But anyway there are a couple of petitions going around to get the show Lucifer cancelled. How do you feel about Lucifer being good looking? I thought it is all about his compelling charm. No one ugly is going to charm anyone.
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I agree with the both of you! That's how I always took Lucifer!
My first memory of a compelling interpretation of Lucifer was John Glover, on Brimstone. http://www.johnglover.info/images/brim_prom01a.jpg I've always thought that the Lord of Lies was supposed to be monstrous, but he also had a form that was beautiful and alluring, and as @shannonl5 said, deceptively so. The face he puts on to draw in the lost souls, because...as we all know by now...sex sells. As for the actor on Lucifer, his portrayal is brilliant, and he captures the full spectrum of this version perfectly, all of the egoism and newly explored struggles (I really don't want to spoil anything about the character because the show is so worth watching!).
@BeannachtOraibh I'm sorry click the link in your post 😂. But I do agree with your post @BeannachtOraibh the point of Lucifer is that he is suppose to be alluring
@LAVONYORK Yeah, I was trying to find a video, since the pic didn't work... https://youtu.be/RWIf3y_oo6Y
As I have said before! Even the Bible says that Lucifer was one of the most beautiful arch angels ever created by God. That being said, He's supposed to be beautiful.