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He's our resident census-taker here in the Marvel community.

Here's the deal: We'd like to know how you discovered Vingle! It seems like it's still kind of on the down low since nobody I talk to about it has ever heard of it. [Has this all been a wonderful dream???] Someone actually asked me over the weekend and... this is embarrassing.

I don't remember! (⊙﹏⊙)

How did we get here? Is the meaning of life a mystery? Does anyone else have this problem where they honestly have no idea how they got here? Or is my brain just reeling from a Men In Black mind wipe?
I was reinstalling apps on my new phone (before this one) and Google likes to do similar app, so I saw Vingle and the first thing I said WTF is a Vingle.. And I was wondering if it was spelled wrong lol. Any I downloaded it and I was like O_o... I'm home healing, I can fan girl like crazy because I can't work and I'm doped up on my pain medication from the kidney transplant... Vingle here I come. Then the rest is history.. I just ran with my spirit Marvel Characters Deadpool lol
Lol I'm definitely checking my stuff on here more than Facebook now.
there was an advertisement on facebook on learning how to speak Japanese! and then I found this wonderful marvel community which has opened me up to so much more about the characters I love! I'm glad I joined the Vingle community!
They're vanilla with chocolate icing. and boy are they sweet.
it was and ad. i was bored so i clicked on it and i never deleted it
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