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He's our resident census-taker here in the Marvel community.

Here's the deal: We'd like to know how you discovered Vingle! It seems like it's still kind of on the down low since nobody I talk to about it has ever heard of it. [Has this all been a wonderful dream???] Someone actually asked me over the weekend and... this is embarrassing.

I don't remember! (⊙﹏⊙)

How did we get here? Is the meaning of life a mystery? Does anyone else have this problem where they honestly have no idea how they got here? Or is my brain just reeling from a Men In Black mind wipe?
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I was thinking the exact same thing when I was looking through them... @SamTheMallow
I need a Spidey emoji XP
I was reinstalling apps on my new phone (before this one) and Google likes to do similar app, so I saw Vingle and the first thing I said WTF is a Vingle.. And I was wondering if it was spelled wrong lol. Any I downloaded it and I was like O_o... I'm home healing, I can fan girl like crazy because I can't work and I'm doped up on my pain medication from the kidney transplant... Vingle here I come. Then the rest is history.. I just ran with my spirit Marvel Characters Deadpool lol
And why did not see this Facebook ad? Then again I deactivated my facebook for 2 years lol. Yup you definitely see a gap.
@LAVONYORK lol that's probably why XD though now that people have mentioned it I must have seen it in the play store, it was right after I got my tablet so it would make sense XD