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Do we think the character deserves another chance?

Or maybe what the question should really be is: Do we think the studio won't mess it up again? Let's be real: The Hulk has been an incredibly successful comic book character, and there are plenty of story arcs that focus on the character. The movies... they don't quite live up to that legacy.
Would we be willing to see the studios try again, or should we let this one go?
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I think the Hulk deserves another movie. Mark Ruffalo is terrific at playing the Hulk. I think the movie would turn out good.
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Mark Ruffalo said he didn't want to do a solo movie. he's afraid that it will ruin the Hulk.
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@LadyLuna at least he's as protective of the character as we are?
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@shannonl5 yeah. I hope so!!
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