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so I'm a little behind on this. I'm so excited that someone has decided to have a whole week dedicated to vixx! what I love about vixx is how hard working they are and how much they love us Starlights. I know when I've been down I've always got vixx and my Starlight Babies cheering me up. Vixx is the whole package they are all good looking, talented in many ways, they are caring, loveable, and total dorks. I mean how can you not love them?
sadly I wish I could say I've been dedicated to them since the beginning.. but I just found them last August or September right after LR. so even tho I'm still a newbie to this fandom I certainly don't feel like it. I'm so proud of my Vixx and Starlight Babies!! FOREVER A STARLIGHT tagging @JiyongLeo originally made this week possible