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I want to remove my whole uterus n throw it in the bin. I'm so done with the period cramps! I've only 1 grudge against u god n that is your unfair decision of making only us, girls lose so much fucking blood every month and topped it with cramps! If u could create a fucking complex shit like human being then u could have created another fucking system to have babies! #angryaf #wanttokicksomeoneintheass #hatemylife .l.
@YumiMiyazaki there's only 1 pill that can relieve my pain but it causes infertility if taken too much. Now i've to bear that pain for 3 consecutive days! @danidee those hashtags are the results of my stupid hormones 馃槀
@YumiMiyazaki Oh my gosh girl, that's terrible! And to think, I complain about Advil taking 3 hours to work... I feel so wimpy! xc
My cramps are so bad, I literally can't move. My whole body shakes, and I'm in a cold sweat. One time I passed out from the pain. Pain relievers only seems to aggravate it (almost like it's saying "you can't defeat me with your puny earth pills" I also have to be on a strict diet because alot of foods make it worse: sweets make cramps worse and meat makes me nauseous. It's just plain broth for a week. I really, REALLY hate my period. Alot.
i know! this one time i got this cramp in my side and i thought....this has to be worse than child birth
@humairaa Agreed. Always happens and it's SO annoying! 馃槫
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