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Slowly, I am discovering new meatless products. I do have to say I've had quite a few learning experiences with learning how to cook these meatless products. Because of course, most times, I won't be cooking them the same way I would with meat.
My family found out I am eating vegetarian. I know...that sounds dramatic. But I think it's important to remember that as someone who comes from a background where meat is a huge and important part of the culture, eating a vegetarian diet could be sort of be offensive. And this isn't just meat, you guys. I remember when my family shared a shaking gasp when I told them I am not interested in eating rice nearly as much as I used to.
For the most part, my family didn't really comment on my diet. Except for my teenage cousin who doesn't have a filter. :)
Anyway, this vegetarian thing is definitely getting easier. I think it's pretty fuckin' cool that I can eat meatless products that taste just as great as meat...knowing that I am doing some sort of good in the world. (Am I perfect? GOD NO. But you know, a little bit of good here-and-there I think makes a big difference)
At the beginning of being vegetarian, I found myself super dizzy...even with the iron pills. I realized it was because I wasn't consuming enough calories. You realize how many calories you can get from a slab of steak, and how little you can get from vegetables. Like you guys, a potato is 100 calories. ONLY 100 CALORIES. I CAN LITERALLY HAVE 10 PLAIN ROASTED POTATOES AND CONSUME ABOUT 1,000 CALORIES.
So since vegetables are typically low in calories, as are most vegetarian products that are not junk, I've since upped my food intake. I am now keeping track of my calories to make sure that I am getting my proper macros and calories. I am also weight training, so I am making sure my diet is in check.

Here's What I've Eaten This Week:

This is my first try making Puerto Rican style beef stew with meatless beef tips. I sort of messed this dish up. I cooked the tips for too long and the texture became weird. Other than that, it was good.
This is a veggie dog from morning star. I warmed it up in a microwave and then pan fried it for a few seconds on each side to give it that crispy texture.
I went for Sunday brunch with my girl friends. This plate was so damn filling I can't even tell you how stuffed I was.
This is an egg scramble with meatless chorizo (which is so damn tasty). With two tortillas and salsa.
Pretty basic. Kale chips, boiled eggs with hot sauce, and toast. :)
I am guessing it's a tofu sort of thing that's seasoned how chorizo would. It tastes good actually. The beefless (sorry i named them wrong) tips are made with different things like wheat gluten and tofu @drummergirl691
ughhh this card has me so hungry...
@InVinsybll it was amazing!
@Animaniafreak not long at all. Maybe around 15 minutes each dish. The only thing that took a bit of time was the stew....but usually because you slow cook stew.
that sunday brunch looks absolutely amazing!
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