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Okay, we can totally be honest with each other. A lot of hair tutorials can be, well -- redundant. Despite the fact that the YouTuber does the same pose and same tutorial every week, we can't help ourselves from indulging in every single upload.
If you happen to be a fan of hair tutorials, natural hair tutorials in particular then you might get a good laugh out of the video seen below. Keep scrolling and see how common ever natural hair videos tend to b.

Do you notice a lot of hair tutorials being repetitive?

Thankfully, I have never seen this. I have noticed the promotions though.
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yes, there are several promotions! @EasternShell
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Lol, I feel like makeup tutorials are even worse.
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I agree! lol the makeup vids are on a totally other level @danidee
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"I'm using shade C232 and a SQR1932 brush to gently highlight my browbone~"
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