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Soo excited to show my love for this adorkable man!! so let's get started
believe it or not Ken was not my first bias in Vixx. -shocked - yeah I know. Sexy and quiet Leo was my bias when I first got into Vixx. (I know all you Leo Stan's are having heart attacks right now) Leo was my bias for 3 weeks ( so sorry Leo.. I still feel bad that we didn't work out) the more I watched Vixx and seeing more of their personalities the more I realized I don't have much in common with Leo.
So one night Ken took my hand and whispered in my ear to follow him. (that's how I imagine this happening) he then told me all the reasons why I should love him instead. His charm dorkiness and silliness won me over and since then I haven't had someone wreck my bias list. Ken makes sure no one takes his spot. haha
even tho he's cute he can be sexy on a flip of a coin.. he's such a tease and he knows it
then he goes back to be dorky and steals hearts all over again
I love this man very much and I really hope we do meet soon just like his tweet here says even though we haven't met I know he loves me and all his Starlight Babies sooo much!! (sorry I rambled but hooray to all of you who took time to read all of it) tagging @JiyongLeo