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First impressions are everything.

Although your personality does the talking, your outfit talks just as loud -- if not louder. On the first date, it's in your best interest to feel comfortable above all else. If you know you wont be able to walk across the street in four inch heels, don't even play yourself.
You can still keep it cute while keeping it modest. If you feel too casual in jeans, dress them up a bit. At the end of the day, it all boils down to looking your best and feeling your best. Trust me, I haven't been on a million dates, but I do know a thing or two that may benefit you when it comes to making that first impression. Keep scrolling to see a couple first date options that wont have you stepping outside of your comfort zone.

The Casual Look

This look is for the woman who doesn't want to show off too much. She rather keep her outfit simple and dress how she would any other day. Nonetheless, it's still trendy and cute.

The Semi Casual Look

This look is for the woman who wants to put in a little bit more effort, but doesn't want to over do it. She ditches her typical jeans and tee look, but doesn't go overboard -- still managing to catch her dates attention.

The Semi Formal Look

This look incorporates a pair of heels, so if you're not an avid heel wearer -- it's probably in your best interest to skip this specific look.

What look would you go for on a first date?

Remember, first impressions are everything.
I'm guilty of the black on black on black look...all the time hahahhahaha
I would look good in all that stuff
I LOVE ALL OF EM ! So pretty hahha i can say all of them are quite my style besides the heels haha
Omg that's me too @sophiamor!!!
you're very welcome :) @MyAffairWith
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