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Peppermint Butler is one of the most Evil characters in all of the Adventure Time univerese. You wouldn't know it though.

1. You're really good at telling people what to do.

People actually enjoy doing your dirty work. You have the uncanny ability to convince people that your way is the right way.

2. And It's really easy for you to convince people to do things for you.

You could have a legion of evil minions in no time.

3. It doesn't matter what you say, people will listen.

It's a pretty good indicator of your evil and persuasive ways.

4. You have no problem imposing your swift and terrible wrath on people who cross you.

Everyone knows that you're not to be messed with.

5. Some might even say that you have a soulless gaze.

You might want to head to the doctor and get that looked at.

6. You always seem to get your way.

Nobody is really sure what your magic charm is...but you always get your way. Are you stubborn, lucky, or just too evil to ignore?

7.Sometimes your cuteness is undeniable, which is confusing to everyone.

Good god!? Where have you been keeping that little face!

8. If people get too close to you, you become afraid that they'll find out how evil you really are.

I'm not sure if this only applies to Peppermint Butler, but that's okay.

9. You do have a lot of redeeming qualities. Like, your attention to safety.

If anyone gets hurt it's because you hurt them!

10. Some people think you have a split personality. But it makes them like you more, because you're just terrifyingly adorable!

Being a little more evil than you let on makes a huge difference in your relationships and your work. But you know exactly how to mask it. NBD, they'll never know if you take a kidney while they're sleeping. Because they're sleeping right?
wow I'm so not evil, damn it, I wish I'm more charismatic so that I can talk ppl into doing what I want, like please lower the toilet seat after you're done.. sort of things.
UHMMMM is it bad that all of these apply to me?
Too Funny! Kinda glad to see I'm not all that evil but after reading this I see I know a few very evil people. lol
sometimes @danidee
I love that show. Magic does exist. A.T.
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