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Would You Rather Live Forever or be Indestructible?

Immortality or total imperviousness?

They both seem like good options. You could have a guarantee that you'll live forever (as long as nobody runs you over with a bus or something) or you could be totally indestructible for the duration of your natural life. Which would you pick?
[Hulk's technically got both... but he's also a green rage monster so let's take that option off the table...]
Indestructible. I would live miserably watching all my loved ones and descendants die before me.
Immortality. If I'm indestructible, I can still die of old age...
Indestructible! I would live forever in the legends I would make.
Indestructible...I would hate to outlive everyone I love.
indestructible, mostly because I could do so much fun stuff xD
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