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Between Marvel and DC, who does ~bad~ best?

We love our villains and our anti-heroes here (because let's face it, heroes are boring when they don't have anyone to stand up to). Between DC and Marvel, there are some seriously nasty villains in there. Cruel, clever, and of course...
Which villains need to mind their business?
Who was clearly raised in a barn?
... or an evil mansion with no doors.

Seriously, whose characters take the trophy for being rude as hell?

Good question
this my opinion ummmm from Marvel I would pick purple man as one of them and for DC I would say joker could be one of them and rhetoric riddler too x)
As much as I love DC and hate Marvel, my favorite villain comes from Marvel being Doom with a close tie with Slade AKA Deathstroke.
lex luthor is the rudest villian in my opinion out of all of them because he believes he's superior to everyone in the DC multiverse. the best villians are joker darkseid and Ra's al ghoul.