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The screenshot you're looking at above isn't from a new Pokemon game. Instead! It comes from Hat-Loving Gamer (who I've written about before, he did the 101 Mario Kart Racers vid) and he masterfully reimagined the Grand Theft Auto series in the style of Pokemon.
And you know, at first, I thought I was going to dislike this video. I didn't think it would be cool or fun to watch. But boy was I wrong. The one thing that really sold this video for me wasn't all the Pokemon-ness of it, but it was the music.
I know that's weird to admit but you'll understand as soon as you start watching it.
As we all know, each Grand Theft Auto game, especially the ones from the PS2 era, are all set in different decades. And the video reflects this, not only through the changing color schemes but by the background music.
Now, I don't know too much about video game music and how to make it but hearing recognizable songs in that weird beep-beep boop-boop sound is kind of amazing to me. Especially when they visit Vice City and -- I think -- a Michael Jackson song is playing in the background. I could be wrong though.
What did you guys think of the video? Would you play GTA if it was styled this way? I think I probably would. It seems like it'd be fun for a couple hours, at least.
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I would probably play GTA if it was styled this way but I feel like its missing some essential GTA element. Hmm...