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In honor of today's Special Husbando Edition of Waifu Wednesday, I wanted to do a card all about my favorite half-ghoul, Kaneki Ken.
My precious fragile cinnamon bun baby that is Kaneki-kun.
Kaneki has the roughest go of things of anybody else in Tokyo Ghoul. All he wanted was to go on a nice date with a pretty girl!
Instead, he got his life turned upside down, made into a terrible horror show. He found himself dropped into a life of cannibalism and fear, all because he just wanted to do something nice, maybe break out of his shell.
So here's to you, Kaneki-kun, my favorite little traumatized baby.
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@dimplequeen I'd say still emotionally fragile
2 years ago·Reply
My precious fragile cinnamon bun baby that is Kaneki-kun...... :O You've just said one of the cutest and yet disgustingly sweet things I've ever heard. @InVinsybll Epic.
2 years ago·Reply
@Danse hahaha thank you. I feel very strongly about Kaneki.
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
@InVinsybll idk yet cuz I'm not that far, but all I know is that I'm pissed and now (thanks to kaneki) mentally unstable because he joins aogiri. How could he?!?! He used to be sooo timid and kind😔😞😕
2 years ago·Reply