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Despite leading the team to two Super Bowl rings in the past decade, NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin was shown the door at the end of this season.
Fans of the team across the globe seemed to be a bit upset over the decision. Sure it was a down year, but the wasn't a lot of talent on the roster. Many thought he would be given a pass on the year, but that wasn't the case. Earlier this week, TC spoke on the issue, and admitted he was still a bit upset over the way things went down.
"Don't think that there aren't some hard feelings there. There are," Coughlin said on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio in New York on Tuesday. "That's just natural. I just try to control them when the moment is right."
It's surprising the majority of front office positions were given a pass, but TC was let go. The fact of the matter is, when Coughlin was presented with reasonable talent, who took the team to another level. One could say some of those teams over achieved under his tutelage. Over the past five years, the General Managers, barring Odell Beckham haven't presented him with ANY TALENT. The defense was horrific this year, and no young pieces were added in the draft last year. How can you expect a man to compete in the NFL without weapons?

Should Tom Coughlin Have "Hard Feelings" Towards NY Giants?

that's not the reason he was let go. Three straight losing seasons will do you in when it's an organization like the Giants. Everyone knows that it's not all on TC but he was doomed when they bought in McAdoo to run a different offense that TC runs. It was basically on the wall that Giants wanted to head in a different direction. Bottom line is...if TC wasn't pushing 70, you can justify keeping him after 3 straight losing seasons. Everything was a factor here. My favorite Giants coach is HOF bound. I am extremely proud of what he did for us, he will forever be a champion in my eyes.
I think the giants will figure out what they lost in him soon enough
You can compete it is called finding a way to use what you've got
Honestly, I feel like the management should be the one to blame, not Coughlin.
I thought it was a mutual thing....but then I guess not. This is pissing me off. Coughlin should've been given another season or so.
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