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Today is member appreciation day for the VIXX marathon! Let's begin.
Ken is special to me because of his humor, he always makes me laugh on days when that's the last thing I wanna do. I love Ken so much:)
N is special to me because he's an amazing leader and really cares for people and that always make's me smile, I love him very much :)
Hongbin is special to me because he's constantly smiling and sometimes I need that smile... He could make everyone smile, love you Binnie :)
Ravi is special to me, honestly because he cares so much for his sister and the other members, its really sweet and he is an incredible guy. I love Raviiiii:)
Leo is special to me because he really showed me its okay to be shy and awkward, and he helps me get through hard moments, especially when I'm out with people because that's extremely hard for me. I love him so very much.
And Hyuk is special to me because he's so talented for being so young and I really look up to the idols closer to my age because the inspire me to go for my dreams. I really love him :)
This is what I call a masterpiece ❤🙌
@Helixx Now why would I do that
You put Binnie and my sweet Ravi together because you want to kill me, right?
he Bae he life he Ugh I died