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This border collie has one of the best jobs ever for a dog. He works at a Michigan airport chasing away birds from the runway area. Yes, I'm completely serious.

Meet Piper, the dog who chases away birds at airports!

Piper has the best job ever.

He works four days a week at a Michigan airport. His only job is to chase birds away from the runway area at the airport. How amazing is that for a border collie? Birds can be incredibly dangerous for planes and can pose serious threats for the machines. Piper's job is to make sure that these birds do not cause any threats to the planes.
Watch this video that shows all of what Piper does. Also, check out his awesome outfit while he is on the job!

Dogs are effective parts of wildlife management.

The airport in Michigan is required to have a wildlife management plan by the Federal Aviation Administration. Dogs are one of the best ways to get rid of birds in a humane fashion. Since Piper is a border collie, his herding nature is instinct. If you want to check out more about Piper's job or donate to his efforts, check out his webpage.

Go Piper! Keep chasing those birds!

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I wish this was my job.
That honestly sounds like a dogs dream job... haha. Chasing birds and wearing cool glasses for it:) I want to BE this dog
great story we need get more creative with finding more of the dogs of the world jobs.
Hahah YES the human equivalent of this is just being an icecream taster. @JordanNash
@nicolejb Me too!!! I feel like it's the equivalent of a human having a job where they just get to eat all day. It's so perfect!
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