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TOP is "Dancer" this week between March 1~6!!!. And how can we not invite our Dancing King TOP to do this.
TOP : Oops my pant got stuck. (I am sure you are excellent, if it weren't for the pant!)
TOP : Aw... this is too hard (Yes, bad Panda... that is too hard)
TOP : See...I am GOOD!!! (I see all the ladies are crazy.. now..*with my eye rolling to the side*)
OMG... that is a such hard move you did...!!!
Yes!!!! You are one of kind Dancing King TOP.!!! (With my fingers crossed...please forgive me)
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god his legs are so long I could climb them for days
2 years ago·Reply
Haha this is why I love top!
2 years ago·Reply
@Starbell808 Yes... I do have the collection on that too... he is so funny at Zutter..
2 years ago·Reply
Favorite dance card by far!! Gotta love him!
2 years ago·Reply
GOD!! I absolutely love him so much!!! <3
2 years ago·Reply