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So, I forgot to post this yesterday & I really liked my results so I'm going to go ahead and post them now. Don't mind me I'm just in my fantasy world right now. Thank you @Gaarita100 for tagging me in your original card found 《here》.

Ok let my BTS fantasy story begin! ^^

Oh man! I really need some hope in my life! Oh boyfriend of mine let's collab sometime and have a dance off. I know you'll totally kick my butt, but I'll say I let you win! ;D
Oh, Oh, this is kind of dangerous... but no wonder we are best friends because we both love to sleep and both "sassy" at times ^^
Oh Jin, sorry, I like seeing you eat and all but I'm currently with J-Hope and we'll I'm not like that. Sorry -_- Oh gosh... now it's going to get awkward between J-Hope, Jin, and me... (I hope this doesn't end our relationship...)
& of course it did!! Because this crazy Boii stole my heart. I'm actually a very happy wife!!
Haha of course I would meet you at the doctor's because I was a medical assistant working there (my actual career).
But unfortunately this is so true. I am currently unemployed and went back to school. In which, Taehyung was so supportive!
No worries though my lovely husband has it covered he even planned an amazing wedding in Hawaii. Thank you husband of mine! ♡
어머!!! I was not expecting this ring!! I honestly would of been thankful/grateful with a ring pop lol Oh man my husband's the best! (I love good surprises!! :D)
Aaaah my amazing, gorgeous dress!!!
I eventually graduated and became really successful with my husband Taehyung by my side! ^^
You know what!? This is so funny because in my family we are a total of 3 siblings and in Taehyung's family they are a total of 3 siblings too. Keeping the tradition lol
Well this was fun, while it lasted! -_- Now, go back to reality and start heading to class...
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loved your results thanks for playing 😊