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I'm going to be honest here. I know close to nothing about Sherlock Holmes. All I do know is that he has an accent and a knack for solving mysteries -- or as we in the biz like to call them, "cases". I watched a little bit of that Benedict Cumberbatch show when it first started but I soon stopped because, well, I don't know why. I just stopped alright. There have been Sherlock Holmes games I've known about in the past but all of them seemed a little too boring for my tastes. Well, maybe not boring, I was just uninterested and I could understand why other people would love these games (and Sherlock Holmes). But when the "Cinematic Reveal Trailer" for this upcoming Sherlock Holmes game fell into my lap, I watched it out of curiosity. And I came out the other side extremely interested. You could say that I was *super* interested (emphasis on the asterisks because you can't see the little stars I drew on my computer screen around that word). Anyway, as someone who knows nothing about Sherlock, below you can find my analysis of the trailer because since I'm not qualified to talk about the subject, I should probably talk about it.
From the start, it seems like Sherlock was enjoying a quiet afternoon alone dressed real nice. I'd like to assume he was getting ready to go out on a date or something. But something tells me that Sherlock doesn't go on dates, he's married to his job. That's at least what all his friends tell me when I ask him why he stood me up on our date last night. It's quickly interrupted by a little girl who's got some red on her sleeve and a butterfly broach that reminds Sherlock of dirty moths. And that's where things get interesting. Since, I do not know anything about Sherlock or the lore or his life or whatever, etc. I was pleasantly surprised by all this supernatural devil stuff that started popping up. But it made me wonder if Sherlock is just hallucinating some crazy happening because he spent the day drinking out of that fancy glass that's just fancy enough to hold when you answer the door but not fancy enough to put down before you run after a little girl who makes Satanic imagery fill your mind-space. And it's really all of that stuff that gets me interested in the game. I want to know what's going on with all that weird Satan stuff. The game is set to be released in May so hopefully over the next few months we'll find out more about this game.