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Stop right there! Are you over the age of 18?
if you are not, TURN BACK NOW. or be prepared for mature content ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Go on.......this is your last chance......
If you are, enjoy!
You woke up next to your boyfriend, admiring the grooves and muscles of his bare chest. You sat up to grab the shirt hanging at the edge of the bed and all the pain hit you at once. You took in a sharp breath as your body extended to reach for the shirt and you quickly put it on to stop the pain.
“That’s my shirt jagiya,” your boyfriend suddenly sung out, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you back down next to him. “What am I supposed to wear?”
You winced in pain but tried your best to hide it. He can’t find out, you thought, you didn’t want to deal with his smug and teasing attitude all day.
“Nothing,” you replied quickly, tensing up but only causing yourself more discomfort.
His grip around you tightened and you could feel your lower region begin to throb from the soreness.
“I need some water,” you mumbled quickly, slowly getting out of bed.
“Is everything okay?” Jimin asked, scanning your entire body for an answer.
You were trying so hard to not show your pain that you didn’t even hear him talk. You walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup. You heard footsteps behind you and you embraced yourself.
“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly, standing next to you as you got your water.
“Yes oppa,” you replied, not making eye contact.
You nearly limped to the breakfast table and tried to sit down.
“You’re limping,” he asked, a smile creeping onto his lips.
“No I’m not,” you quickly shoot back.
He laughs, knowing exactly what was wrong.
“Are you sure everything is okay?” he repeated, pulling a chair over and sitting right next to you.
“So you’re okay with a round four?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
You ignored him and drank your water. You could feel his eyes travel all over your body and he rested one hand on your bare thigh, allowing his fingers to run up and down.
“I’ll take that as a yes?” he mumbles seductively.
Still with no response he pokes underneath your belly button and you wince in pain.
“I knew it,” he sung out, laughing. “My jagiya and I had a little too much fun last night!”
You roll your eyes and hit his chest lightly. “Stop,” you mumble as he continues to poke your stomach.
“I was just that good huh?” he replied proudly, smiling wide. “You couldn’t resist.”
You groaned, knowing you’d hear about this all day. You stood up slowly, trying your best to feel the least amount of pain possible.
“Where does it hurt?” he asks, starting to feel concerned.
“Belly button down.”
He shoots you a cheeky smile and holds your hand for support so you could walk.
“I could give you a massage,” he replies, wiggling his eyebrows. “It’ll help loosen up your muscles.”
“A massage is what started those three rounds last night,” you reply, leaning on him to walk. “I’m not trying to—woah.”
He sweeps you off your feet and holds you bridal style. “I can carry you then sweetheart.”
You giggle as he takes you to the bathroom, setting you down on the sink counter extremely carefully.
“We can finally take a cold bath together,” he says sweetly, genuinely excited about this.
Your eyes widen. You hated them so much but Jimin was used to it. He takes them all the time after long practices to prevent his muscles from tensing and he always tried to get you to take one with him. They were unbearably cold and you didn’t have any tolerance for them.
He quickly set it up and turned to look at you, noticing the hesitation on your face.
“It’ll help, I promise,” he tries to soothe you, standing in between your legs and setting his hands on your waist. “How about I go in first and you can come in after and sit with me? I’ll keep you warm.”
He helps you down from the counter and sets you near the bathtub. You let out a long breathe and nod as you watch him strip off his boxers. He easily sits in the bath, not showing any signs of being cold.
“Okay jagiya,” he says as he reaches out his hand so you could step in.
You remove the one shirt you had on and you take his hand to step in, immediately shivering from the cold. He chuckles watching your expression tense and he places both his hands on your waist, helping your body slowly crouch down. You sit in between his legs, laying your back on his chest and clench you teeth.
“How..H-how do you do this?” you ask, shivering.
He laughs and hugs your waist, “Your body will adjust to the temperature, don’t worry.”
You lay your head back on his shoulder and close your eyes, allowing your body to relax.
“Are you feeling okay?” he asks, drawing circles on your stomach. “Do you want something to drink or anything?”
“No,” you sung out, starting to actually enjoy it. “I’m okay jagiya.”
He kisses you gently right below your ear and you could feel his smile against your skin. “After this, your whole body will feel so much better and you’ll be ready for tonight,” he whispers, moving your hair away from your neck.
“Tonight? As in…sleep?” you reply jokingly.
He nibbles at your sensitive spot, hot breath against your skin, “Don’t play games jagiya, we both know you can’t resist. If you could, we wouldn’t be here right now.”
You roll your eyes and sink deeper into the bath, enjoying his soft fingers traveling across your skin.
credit goes to parkjiminsfineass
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ha funny thing I'm sore from working out but I was using the fake text app to talk to Jimin about having rough sex....lol so hilarious that I read this right after I closed out of my app.
i swear i thought she was preggo...
@SarahVanDorn @Helixx if you dont hear from me the next few days i have officially died......im digging my grave again...
@SusiBosshammer He will be the death of me as well.
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