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I absolutely adore this character. Nao is a smart, hardworking, and she's very reliable. I love her narcissistic, self-righteous, a bit stubborn and short-tempered. Despite being narcissistic, She's the type of person who is loyal and is literally always by your side even when she's invisible in your field of vision. She's the type of girl that would never give up on you, and that's one of the biggest reasons why she is Waifu #8. Another reason is her she's always bold, straightforward, and she loves food especially if it's roasted corn or meat. Her power is Imperfect Invisibility, which means that she can only disappear from a single person's field of vision. She remains visible to the people who are beside her.
It's still a Pretty cool Ability, and it would be very useful to use to get out of a situation involving your Psychotic Ex girlfriend.
Plus it makes for a great past time to making kids happy. Ayu-chan (My daughter) and the others Love her. I'm sure she'll be a great help around the house.
Waifu #8 Ladies and Gentlemen!! Introducing Nao Tomori!!! @hikaymm @Aimebolanos #Perfection #Charlotte #NaoTomori #JoinTheMadness
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She (and because I promised ya'll I would) is the only reason I'm going to go back to checking out Charlotte lol