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"The truth is that I’m scared for Joaquín Guzmán’s life," Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's attorney José Refugio Rodríguez said on Radió Fórmula, a Mexican radio station. Rodriguez mentioned some of his concerns, one of them being that El Chapo has been experiencing torture by the prison guards.
What does that torture look like?
The guards are keeping El Chapo isolated and they repeatedly wake him up every few hours.
According to The Huffington Post, Rodriguez plans to denounce El Chapo's treatment before the Iner-American Commission on Human Rights, a group that monitors human rights abuses.
If you're having a difficult time remembering who El Chapo is, he is a Mexican drug lord who had escaped Mexican prison TWICE. He's facing multiple charges including drug trafficking and murder. You can read more about the criminal in my other card.
I feel like when you escape prison twice, it's hard to work your way out of solitary confinement.
@alywoah El chapo says he can't get no sleep the lawyer says he's really concerned of his health I heard in the news El Chapo is willing to get extradited to the United States I'm jus wondering what's the hold up?? soon he will get comfortable enough the Mexican guards will get broken off a nice chunk of money and El Chapo will pull a third escape if they keep playing and don't extradite him already I guess time will tell