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Call you Bae: Jimin (AOA)& Xiumin
Have you all seen this music video yet? This is one of Jimin's solo songs featuring Xiumin from EXO. I'm going to review this and I will be very if you cannot drink your coffee black then don't read. I did look at some comments about the video. Many people did say that they really just watched to see Xiumin. There were mixed comments. People who did reaction videos were not very hyped.

FYL: This has English subtitles too for us English speakers to follow along.


If you don't know Jimin from AOA is a rapper and Xiumin from EXO is a vocalist. The concept of this video is that a young girl has a crush on her oppa or older male associate and wants to be more than friends. She feels he looks at her as a kid and he needs to see her as a mature person. He secretly like her too but treats her like his sister. Something happens and finally they forget titles and ages and go out.

My 2 Cents...

Pros: Let's start of with some positive opinions. The effects are good. The video is very clear and crisp. The colors are bright and refreshing. Visually it was appealing. Cons: This video and song was not my cup of tea. It could be cuz I'm older and this song to me is for more of the younger crowd. Secondly, I feel her rapping skills on a scale of 1 to 5 was about a 1.5. Aye grill me, but I feel like she did not have presence. She didn't have that flow to the rhythm like you see rappers have with anytime of song. It sounded like she had to think hard to rap on beat. Twisted comment: This could be good for me on a studying playlist. I would able to concentrate on my studying since this song does have a calm beat and would really catch my attention... Side Note: I did have fun though analyzing the symbolism in this video! If you want my observations just comment below.
I was making that J-Hope face the whole time. I was excited to review the video then when I heard it I'm like....what the heck.

I'm like is this what I waited for?

Conclusion: If you like low key music about relationships you might like this song. This song may appeal more so to people who are younger or like very sugary pop music. This video has cute colors has a crisp look. I encourage ppl to step out of their boundaries and listen to new kinds of music even if you might not like it in the end.

Anyhow what do you think about this new song and m/v?

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I think Jimin tried really hard...but I just didn't really enjoy her parts of the song. On the other hand Xiumin did great!!! I loved the way the music video was colorful, and overall Jimin and Xiumin's interactions made me squeal!!
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so cute !!!
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@amobigbang I loved your review and this was exactly what I was feeling for it. I like Jimins rapping style but this song wasn't the right choice to showcase her talent and I honestly do like bubbly sugar pop songs that are just too much but this wasn't on level with what I've seen before and left me kind of wanting in the end all in all I probably might listen to out again but not really
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is it bad that I wanted more Xiumin then Jimin? like I literally was just waiting for Jimin's part to be over....
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I like it
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