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The game is made by @Koinii so thatnk you! Here is the link to the card:

Hello Hoseok ( ^ω^)

fight me @ashleyemmert

I have no regrets.

Ok, I'm sorry Hoseok, it was a misunderstanding. I dont cheat fam!

*whispers* I have regrets
Jungkook, you know I don't drink! No, don't give me that lo-No, no jungkook. *sigh* (T-T) what am I going to do with you. *crosses arms* I wont drink.
Aww, Jiminie~~ ♡

Jungkook, what did I tell you about that look? Now see what you did~~

*spits out water * SUGA? YOONGI? *sits down and crosses legs* I have a few questions. 1: Yes, you can still be the daddy, but where did you com from 2: how do i not remember 3: where did you come from 4: seriously, is there like a hole in the wall, or a window i forgot to lock?
ok then~~♡ I was paired with Yoongi from the start by you guys (thunder squad) so *shrugs*

I'm too tired to write anything intelligent, so if you lost few brain cells reading this card, dont worry- you'll still have more brain left than I have right now.

I am very sorry.

I apologize for any mistakes! Let me know what you guys think!

@jessicaacosta90 trust they didn't man you are too much like me
@jessicaacosta90 yeah like passing the hell out. lol
@ElleHolley You neva know Auntie. drinking can lead to other stuff *smirks*
@jessicaacosta90 they just got drunk. that doesn't mean anything
I like that part too @ElleHolley Lol But I SERIOUSLY gotta have a talk with JungKook! Lol
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