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Right when I thought Uncharted couldn't get delayed again, it did. Last night I was smoking a cigarette in middle of the night thumbing through my phone looking for things to laugh at while I sucked on death. But instead, I ended up finding out that Uncharted 4 -- a game I am extremely excited about -- just got delayed again.
Part of me wants to be a little bit optimistic about this news and say something like "it's only another two weeks you guys" but instead I want to be a whiny-babe and be upset. Because even though I have food, shelter, and a livable (enough) wage, this is America damn it. I can complain about a bunch of bullshit if I want to.
I put up a screenshot of the entire blog post that went up yesterday and I don't fully understand the reasoning behind the delay. If you skimmed the little blurb above then you'll see that they're delaying the game for "extra manufacturing time". I know I said I don't understand the reasoning but I think I really meant that I don't understand why.
I'm not sure how many of you still buy physical copies of video games -- I usually avoid it if I can -- but I don't see why they'd have to take the time to make more discs when the option to buy the game digitally exists. Part of me thinks that there's a couple of little things they need to fix up but since I don't really understand what goes into game development they could probably be telling the truth. I don't know. If the game's available for digital download, I don't know why making more physical copies would be a big enough reason to push it back.
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be in stores on May 10th, 2016 exclusively for PS4.
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Theory: I think they probably need to make more discs for the bundled PS4 that will be coming out with it. I don't know whether that holds water or not, but it's the only reason I can see for them needing to postpone the release when digital downloads are possible.