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Another screenshot game for you guys! Original card was made by @Koinii I unfortunately don't know how to link the original card to this card so.... Sorry! XD Since he was the bf I put him up. ^^
J-Hope! He is really trying to take that bias spot! XD
Oh man.....
XD I don't usually drink excessively but I guess it we were celebrating or something.
Aww such a good bf. ^^
O.o I don't know about this..... He is younger than me..... >_<
That would be pretty cute. I would hope they have his dimples..... ((Bias ^))
A boy!!!! I want a boy so bad. My family is nothing but girls.
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Jungkook we need to talk Lol
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@jessicaacosta90 Seriously! I feel like a pedophile. XD
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