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it was a dark and stormy night ehheheh eh hheheheheheheheheh
psh nah I'm just kidding lol
sorry that was just so fun to do lol
sorry I'm sorry alright geez
but as me and my fabulousness (this is not me this is taemin ) I would like to says

I choose you go pokeball.

oooo what did I get
nothing aw man
okay I'll get to the point
so I choose you to write a story with me !!!!! *the crowd goes nuts * haaaaa haaaaa
dont give me that face I choose you the viewer of this card to tell me ideas for the new story Text Text killer featuring your favorite members of bangtan lalalala.... sorry there song came in my head
yes yes I know what your thinking "why text text killer" "why killing" why dying" "poor jungkook " ....wait what jungkook not dying....... maybe
well when I make story's I like making murder mysteries sometimes I like killing people off seeing people react it's fun lol that sounds so bad but I'm a creative writer so hey what you gonna do
yup basically me but if you want to see how I write go to my page and scroll all the way down I have a unfinished bts fanfic that you might like to understand my skills
so quit gasping and let me have you the viewer give me ideas
yeahp I know but i want you yes you reading this eating something listing to bts or winner or b1a4 or exo right now with tv on in the background and not doing homework on this app neglecting it I want you to write your own story in the comments below and I'll personally read it and maybe put it in the story of text text killer
so you have the chance and choice to kill or save your UB in BTS or the one you love more since bangtan are Bias wreckers anyway (this is not me it's mark my bae )
no im not so feel free to tell me and I'll the writer will hehehe gladly take the chance to help you out muhahahahhahahahshshhaaahah...... ahemmm... (this is not me btw lol )
so go my pretties and take the challenge and accept it we can all have fun and make this story awesome like a game lol

tagging the O.K Go team.

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@LemonLassie oooo I like I like this should be fun
@MadAndrea you have and I banish thee..... until my next card 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I swear through have the card I couldn't stop laughing 馃槀馃槀 your like the only person to make my day better
well shit....I went to write something went over board and now I want to use it XD sorry!!!! it was Taehyung in the observatory with a candlestick XD
So, what you're saying is to write a little story in the comments... about anything? No theme other than BTS, and it may end up in your story? Like.... inspiration for your story? Or are you looking just for ideas/suggestions? Like, I could say "It was Namjoon, in the library, with the wrench!" ???
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