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Hello Video Game Community Friends! ^_^

I had an idea for a new event for our awesome community and I hope you will all participate! It might even become a weekly thing :)
I know most of us watch Video Game videos on the regular, whether it be gameplay, reaction, trailers or rage quit videos. And I thought it would be fun if we shared our favorites by making cards about them.

For this week, the topic is: Your Favorite Gaming Video!

All you have to do is make a card with a title, add the video to the card, and tell us why it's your favorite gaming video!
Be sure to add "Video Wednesday" to the title of your card!
I'll go first~
This video of Michael and Gavin playing Amnesia is how I got introduced to Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. Although this is not the best of Michael and Gavin goofing around in a video game, it's my favorite because this video introduced me to their channel and they are an absolutely hilarious duo who make extremely entertaining and silly gaming videos. I love that the two are complete opposites and they are just as terrified and clumsy playing horror games as I am. Most of all, I love their logic.
"Let's walk backwards. Maybe if we back into it, it will be as surprised as we are" XD
So there it is! Here's a recap of how to participate in the Video Wednesday event:
> Make a card with "Video Wednesday" in the title.
For example - Video Wednesday: Goofing Around in Amnesia
> Add your favorite gaming video to the card.
Just add a link to the video using the + button on the left in the new card.
> Tell us why it's your favorite gaming video.
This way we can learn more about each other and discover new cool videos.

I'm tagging a few people who I hope participate! ^^

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Haha @poojas I won't fail you on the comedy cards. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
2 years ago·Reply
awesome! I'm gonna have to make my card a little later when I get home
2 years ago·Reply
is it possible to get a video from twitch?
2 years ago·Reply
@Amirnator I'm pretty that you can.
2 years ago·Reply