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When @MyAffairWith agreed that I should do a card on Amber Riley, I didn't think twice. If you keep up with Amber on social media then you know that as of lately she has been showing off -- in a good way of course. Not only is she fearlessly gorgeous and has absolutely no problem showing off every inch of her curves.
Along with Ashley Graham [see card here], Amber is a role model for the young girls and women who are learning to embrace their curves despite what society deems beautiful. If you're interested in a curve overload then keep scrolling and cease to be amazed by the beautiful Miss Riley.

Talk about serious slayage!

What do you think?
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They're definitely both gorgeous & you're totally right a healthy lifestyle is always a must, but these ladies are curvaceous. They rock their curves with pride. I'm just promoting body positivity not unhealthy lifestyles. Thanks for chiming in @orenshani7
Right @orenshani7 - Remember though @jordanhamilton that Amber Riley was much slimmer when she competed on and won Dancing with the Stars. Still curvaceous, still fierce, but much more active and a much different weight. So size may actually be a lifestyle/health choice, here...
I agree, she did lose A LOT of weight definitely! she looked great before and she looks great now, but health is definitely a factor at the end of the day @Cle1
It's not easy to do healthy!! I am always reminding myself, Eat this green and healthy thing, not that other delicious-looking croissant thing...sigh...
Story of my life!!! I definitely get what you mean @Cle1