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As support in the Love & Relationship Community, I see a lot of beautiful poems and quotes. This week especially I've noticed some new poets emerging in our community that I wanted to recognize for their beautiful work.
Here are three poets on Vingle that you should get to know!!


@KhristieB has posted two very beautiful and simple poems in the community that spoke to me very much. Check out them out: Beating Hearts and Umbrella.
The poem Umbrella is simple, but it speaks so much!


@momattheword has shared several poems in the community about love, he's also currently coming up with a plan to ask a girl to prom (in case you missed it).
His poems sometimes rhyme and sometimes they don't. They deal with love and loss. Check them out <<HERE>>


@HridayAgarwal has been sharing (and I've been reading) poetry for a while now, and they are all beautiful. Though this Vingler is not new to the community, they are someone who you should be reading. If you are a poet, you should definitely check out this Vingler's poetry <<HERE>>

Thank you all for sharing your work with the community and creating beautiful art:)

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Thanks it puts a wide smile on my face lol 😊😊😊
Thank you for tagging me in this post. I won't let down :)
@HridayAgarwal your stuff is so good you won't hahaha!! :)
@nicolejb trying my best ma'am
*Ouch* :3