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So here I am moving and I decided let's go big or go home. Well not going home so going ANIME!! Haha I only wish it was me. I would build a house that's is anime solely. Walls are a manga library in every room. Ceilings painted with so many anime collages. Carpet would be anime themed. As well as everything else, might put a ramen shop in my kitchen!! Ahh now I could live happy!!
I actually think Vingle Meet ups in general would be a cool idea at some point in the future. I know we all live separately among the globe - but wouldn't it be awesome to connect with people in a public setting? Not to mention it would advertise for Vingle and the friendships made. Meet up at a park, bring some grub and all your fun hobbies with you. Cards, toys, drawings, poetry, anything you'd want to share and just bask in the awesomeness of Vingle Nakama. (Ramen included yo!) lol
@InVinsybll yes NAKAMA, I think vingle can be a connecting point!! The follow up to your creation sounds great actually amazing as well NAKAMA!! Ramen ramen ramen!!! Sake!!! And of course anime binge!! Huge screen and a lot of NAKAMA's!! Can't beat that!!
@LuffyNewman @Danse I would love for this to be real! hopefully one day vingle gets big enoug hthat they have tables at cons or something, so we'd all have somewhere that would act as like, a focal point to meet at. then we could all binge watch together, eat ramen, and drink sake.
@Danse btw duble, triple, and quadruple like NAKAMA!!!
@Danse very very true. I wish we could do an actual vingle, "anime community" @InVinsybll meet up. @poojas I think with the strong pull many of you NAKAMA have as well as spreading the word from the rest of us would give great meaning to a new breed of globalism and small to future friendships. I as well as probably all my NAKAMA do not judge, so the last thing to worry about is yourself, haha we will be worried about how good our bento boxes look more!! I've thought this for a very long time and I think a small to large scale basis of this is possible and something to become of in the future. I mean look at cons and sorts they bring together thousands and more together for purposes we all agree on. If anyone would love to join come ahead I think I wanna look into a vingle NAKAMA for meet ups page to follow!! Unfortunately it won't be for all the masses but it would be for many of us who do follow the anime and manga as well as interests. If we can spread the words of idk I guess ourselves well I'm sure and already believe that many others will as well!! I believe in all the NAKAMA I've been granted the privilege to meet and will continue on the journey all together!!
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