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Unfortunately I'm behind in this, therefore today is Bias Day as well as Member Appreciation Day. To anyone that had seen my cards before, it should come of no surprise my bias is non other than Leo!
Leo is extremely relatable to me, as he reminds me a lot of myself. Where as I tend to panic internally, Leo reflects outwardly what's really going on in my mind. :) The amount of times in a day I want to just bury my face under the table like Leo does is probably a problem. Leo does his best to express himself and he gives me hope that I could go on to become something wonderful like he is.
Not only that but he doesn't let his introverted nature get in the way of anything he wants. Leo is AMAZINGLY talented and he knows that. He has never let his shyness get in the way of showing the world everything that he's got. Rather than that, Leo is really such a sweet and caring guy. He may be hard on the members sometimes, well all the time, but he really does care for them. He is so sweet and precious and has the warmest heart I could imagine.
Alright so I rambled a little, but my point is...I don't think I can pinpoint just a few things I appreciate about Leo. He's so honest, caring, sweet, hardworking, etc. etc. etc. I really appreciate just everything about him. He works so hard and is just absolutely amazing. My gratitude goes out to all the little things that he does for not only Starlight's but the members as well. @JiyongLeo
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he's just to much haha