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credit to @koinii for creating the card and thanks to @loftonc16 for tagging me
My boyfriend is Jungkook
I cheated on him with V
Jungkook must have found out so we talked about it over a couple of drinks and we must have ended up getting drunk lol
Jin is the best person to have around during the tough times
Looks like we work things out
I wouldn't want anyone else to be the father of my first child (he's my bias)
We ended up having a boy
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I got Jimin as my boyfriend and I got drunk with Jimin when he found out I cheated on him. I felt like a bad person.
2 years agoReply
@Choijiah I know I felt bad for cheating on jungkook especially since he's super shy around girls but luckily for me it worked out in the end 馃槉
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@Gaarita100 Yea I some how in the end was married to JHOPE and V was the father of my child.
2 years agoReply
@Choijiah I cheated with v and you had his kid lol
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