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Another day, another new product from McDonalds!

In 2016, we got all day breakfast, kale salads and the cadbury mcflurry. Today, they keep the ball rolling, as they let loose a virtual reality headset made from a Happy Meal box.
McDonald’s Swedish arm is printing Happy Meal boxes that come with cutouts and a lens pack. For those looking to catch a glimpse of the product check the video out above!
Google did the same thing with Google Cardboard. There will also be apps to go with this new product. It’s interesting that McDonald’s has decided to do it on such a large scale, and with their most iconic product.
Sadly, this will only be available in Sweden.

With that being said, do you think this product could be a success worldwide?

Dang, that's certainly an upgrade from the kids meals I used to eat as a kid.
that's so cool!