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Do the Super Tuesday results freak you out? Are you thinking about voting for Trump or voting for Clinton and wondering what they heck you are going to do? And wondering if you can just GET OUT NOW. Well it seems a big portion of the U.S. has the same feels.

U.S. citizen might be too disturbed with the Super Tuesday results that they are calling it quits... and moving to Canada.

According to Google trends (I looked it up people) a HUGE spike happened after the results of Super Tuesday of people looking up the "How to move to Canada."

By region, Virginia seems to have the highest number of searches, perhaps they weren't too happy with the results from their state?
Also, @TessStevens will be happy to know that "How to move to England/the UK" was also a huge spike in search terms.

How to feel about the results of Super Tuesday? Do you want out of the U.S.?

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@KevinLangley HAHAHAHA you are a statistic that I reported on!! I'm not going to lie I tried to see if moving to italy was on their too, but most people just want to go to canada. haha @TylerDurso that seems like a good idea actually, there's definitely a learn curve for any job. haha
You made a good suggestion @JosephMcCain people have plenty of time to decide and prepare for their departure. haha
@nicolejb well canada was my first thought cuz its right there like 60 miles away but then I googled top 10 countries to live in and idk anymore
@KevinLangley haha what are the top ones?? I think Germany is up there right??
@nicolejb I'm actually one of the statistics as well. I saw an article too before you posted this card.