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“I HAVE TO WHAT?!” Kris shot up from his chair with shock and anger “Lee Soo-man has won this lawsuit. Starting tomorrow you will return to the dorms at the SM building” Judge Kyuhyun said before leaving the courtroom Lee Soo-man looked at Kris with an “I win” smirk “Now, you’re back under my roof which means you have to follow my rules you piece of trash” his smirk changed into a devil smirk “Trust me, once the contract is over I’m leaving SM and going back to China” Kris replied with annoyance “We’ll see if you get to leave SM at all” Soo-man said packing his bag and leaving without saying a word Kris left a few hours later since Jackson wanted to talk with him. Kris walked away looking down going back to where he was staying and packed his bags and went to sleep. The next morning… Kris went to the SM building to talk with the manager about the dorms. He needed to know who he was going to share a room with at the dorms. If he was going to have a roommate. He was hoping he wouldn’t. “Mr.Soo-man does not want you to have a roommate so you will have a room to yourself” said the manager Kris nodded and waited until his meeting with the manager was over. Later that day… “DON’T TOUCH MY LUHAN!!” Sehun yelled at Xiumin who was hiding “I DIDN’T!!” Xiumin yelled back Everyone looked at them and sighed then Luhan walked up to Sehun and pulled him off Xiumin “Let’s go Maknae” Luhan said while dragging Sehun away A few moments later their manager walked in “Take a seat guys, I have something to say” Everyone shrugged and took a seat “Starting today a former member has returned and will be apart of this group” The manager motioned Kris to walk into the room “Kris will be apart of EXO again. Pick a fight and I’ll tell the CEO. He doesn’t want Kris hurt” The manager walked out of the room leaving the boys The first to get mad was D.O who grabbed Kris by the neck pushing him against the wall “WHY DID YOU COME BACK?! WHY?!” D.O was raging mad Suho ran up to D.O who was choking Kris and Chanyeol ran up to Kris who was coughing while trying to catch his breath “WHY ARE YOU HELPING HIM?! HE LEFT US!!” D.O yelled at Chanyeol “Because I’m still his friend unlike you D.O!! I didn’t choke him like you just did!!” “Chanyeol…” Kris said looking up at him before his vision went black To be continued… Tagging people who were interested @DestinaByrd @RedChord @JackieG1617 @JessicaEvaristo @KaeliShearer @Tiffany1922
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omg this is good! 👍 imma continue reading the next chapters haha