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Once again it's a little impossible for me to say everything I appreciate, so I'm going to do my best to keep it down the main thing I appreciate the most about each member.
N N is really the most amazing leader I could imagine, I appreciate all he does for the group so much. I really believe he has the right ideas about what a leader should be. He's the mom that might love his cute children a little too much and I absolutely love that. (On a completely unrelated side note, his singing voice is STUNNING as well)
Leo So we went through this on my bias card, however if I'm forced to pick one factor......I'll have to say I appreciate the door Leo opens for all different people out there. Not even just shy people, however anyone that may think there a little too odd for what there dreams are. He proves people can do whatever they want with there life.
Ken For Ken, I really am grateful for how bright and happy he is. He may seem somewhat crazy, but Ken keeps everyone in a good mood and can put a smile on everyone's face. People like that are hard to come by, therefore I really appreciate how fun, crazy, and joyful Ken is all the time. I can always count on him to make me smile.
Ravi Ravi's personality is quite different from his outer appearance, and I'm really grateful for that. He has the appearance of a manly guy, however he is really this sweet adorable little child on the inside. He's fun, and maybe a little protective as well. It's really refreshing to me and seeing his face can always bring my mood up.
Hongbin For Hongbin, I'm really grateful for all he gives for Vixx. Sometimes I wonder if the idol life is really what Hongbin wanted, and it's clear he had his doubts. He came back for the members though and has always given his all to provide for us and them, no matter how he may be feeling. Hongbin has given so much for us and I really hope he knows his efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated.
Hyuk I really appreciate the fact that Hyuk is responsible and takes care of what needs to be done, but he's also still quite young. He has fun with what he's doing, and find ways to sneak snarky comments in to tease the members at the same time. Hyuk enjoys his youth and life to the fullest. I think he sets a beautiful example for others and I really appreciate that.
@TesneemElAlami Of course you are. A while back Hongbin was talking about there pre-debut days and about how after practicing so much he wasn't sure if he wanted to do it. Apparently after his 2nd year of high school he suddenly stopped showing up to practice, and N had to go to his house to drag him back in the middle of night. He also said on a show for a while he went back to studying and thought he would give up, but then he thought of the members and eventually came back.
Am I allowed to ask what gave you that impression?
Wait Binbin has doubts about being an idol? I didn't know that...