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I hope you will follow my new collection "Whats new ANIME!! For those of you that have seen this you already know but for those who haven't I'm clipping the IMAL synopsis of this manga for you to read as well as some side comments!! ""In present times, Gods and Demons coexist together with Humans after the door between each of these worlds had opened. Tsuchimi Rin is a normal young high school student attending Verbena Academy, spending his days living peacefully with his childhood friend Kaede. Unexpectedly, one day the King of Gods, the King of Demons and their families move into be Rin's next door neighbors. Apparently the daughter of the Gods, Sia, and the daughter of the demons, Nerine, are both deeply in love with Rin after having met him in the past. Along with his playful friendship with upperclassmen Asa and his encounter with the silent but cute Primula, Rin has much on his hands dealing with the affections of each of these girls. Based on the eroge by Navel."" Source (IMAL) This anime is rated 7.37 out of 10. Genre- comedy, drama, ecchi, fantasy, harem, magic, romance, school, seinen. Personally it started out like a normal style harem/ slice of life "unusual" usual anime school life. But less than halfway through it got sort of intense. There were true issues, problems to be found and unfixable but they still had to be lived with. I don't wanna give away too much since it's my first card for my newest collection but hope someone gives it a try if they haven't!!
was curious because the style looks different. I'll have to see if there's been a reboot recently
I saw this along time ago, but this looks like a newer version. Liked the anime, loved the game.
@Colonellinguis game?? Well well I didn't know about that. I've had it on my list for over a year now and finally got to it this Tuesday and binged it and finished today. This should be the original but they did make a couple recaps one is shuffle! Memories I believe and then there is another side story I believe. Of course they are all on my list and I started the memories but couldn't resist my need for the FMA brotherhood binge I've been wanting now that I'm off for the week. 64 episodes in under 2 days def happening!! Haha every weakening minute. Then back to the recap "memories" and the follow up. Thanks for letting me know the info on the game version I'll have to check it or look into it. Only games I play are anime/manga based games haha nerd hardcore!!