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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is Bae Bum Wednesday! Today is the day we celebrate our wonderful and cute leader Im JaeBum!
So I found this photo late last night and I think that I just about died! Look at that cute pout! Don't you just want to pinch and poke those cheeks!
Again look at that smile! Am I the only one who stares at his teeth!? Whenever he smiles I can't help but look at his teeth and think of how pretty and white they are...maybe I'm just strange ..oh well
And can we just talk about how perfect his hair! No matter what his hair always looks so sexy! I just want to run my hands through it...that would probably mess it up but he looks even sexier with messy hair....*Ahhhh...JaeBum what have you done for me.
*The characters in this story are you and JB* "Jaebum..." you feel the spot next to you and your eyes snap open when you feel nothing. You quickly sit up and look around. Was it all a dream? You feel your eyes starting to water. He wasn't really here??? The events of last night play over in your mind as you drag yourself out of bed "I finally thought he came home..." you mumble to yourself as you walk to the kitchen. You are so engrossed in your thoughts that you don't even see that your boyfriend ,JB is sitting on the counter sipping on coffee. He watches you pass you walk as if he isn't there. You sigh again as your feel warm arms wrapping themselves around your waist "Jagi, what are you thinking about?" you hear JB soft voice in your ear. Thinking that your mind is playing games you shake your head "Aisshh ...JB please stop playing with my mind, I know you really aren't here". Before you have to me to process what is happening you feel yourself being turned around and come face to face with JB. You reach your hand up and stroke his cheek. His skin is always so warm. You feel your eyes water as you a see a smile spread across his face. You miss his smile. You miss the tender kisses that he greeted you with whenever he saw you. You miss the way he would hold you tight at night. You close your eyes as you see him lean in towards you. The moment his soft lips touch yours , you feel you heart start to race. You open your eyes as you feel him pull away and in that moment you realize it wasn't a dream. You smile and throw your arms around his neck. "Oppa it really is you!"
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Sorry for any mistakes! Be sure to make your own cards to celebrate JaeBum Oppa!!! Make sure to tag me in them so that I may clip them! And as always let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged in future cards! Thanks lovelies My GOT7 Team @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @ManduBum @UnnieCakesAli @luna1171 ⭐Tag List⭐ @LenaBlackRose @AimeeH @sarangseoltang  @XionHeart @SharayahTodd @KpopQuixxMarie @GDsGF @GenesisZiporrah @Gianlica @KpopGaby @kpopdeluxegirl @kpopisnylife @PrettieeEmm @punkpandabear @kpop14young   @GUMMYB34RZz @JohnEvans @staceyholley @MaricelvaRomero @EmilySavage @EmilyGardner @HuonTreeRoo  @CreeTheOtaku @ElizabethT  @Exoexo @DestinyMcCauley  @VKookie47  @TracyLynnn @wiviDemol @DeeNice @UnnieCakesAli  @maddiedo @marshalledgar @H8rt4u @hmelodie @sarahpjane @SusiBosshammer @MelaninMonroe @KatieRussell @xroyalreisx @xsandos17 @VeronicaArtino @otakukpopgirl @AnnieGoodman @adikiller @ArmyofKookie @ArianaVenti @amandamuska @AlloBaber @jcl4rkson @AimeeH @AmbieB @awesaawQqwq2qq @RebeccaLondon @wondergirl   @themrshongki  @namjoonswife @ninjamidori @NEOisRealo @nnatalieg @Nerukawong @NalaniCerteza @VictoriaBossier @Vlargo @VixenViVi @Jiyongixoxo @JamiMilsap @JennieThor @YessicaCardenas @Ivethcrisoforo @RogueLeigh @ChriSingularis @AlysaNguyen @Sammie99522 @IGot7Forever @SHINee808 @TerraToyaSi @AyamenTenchu @Maddie27 @AlexisRiver @TashiannaBostic no @jazgaara33 @CrystalGuerra @KaiJae @orchiofriend549 @yeniyx23 @MichelleMonroe @aegyoxprinMOcess @SugaMint @Helixx @kpopandkimchi  @DamarisCisneros   @SugaKookies  @Ercurrent  @BrandyBell16 @mbg3t @jeniseglasper
I want to wake up to JB drinking coffee in my kitchen....and not be a dream lol
@AaliyahNewbell haha well probably I would too..
@luna1171 lol me too! I'd probably just faint though
@BrandyBell16 lol I know right
@SusiBosshammer lol me too!
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