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ANIME: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Genres: School, Romance, Sport, Drama This anime is still IN PROGRESS I have yet, to my knowledge, seen this anime on Vingle so i thought I'd share! This is another show I have taken a liking to! The story is interesting and so far very fun to watch! I'm keeping this short and spoiler free! Crunchyroll short description: "The story involves a world where flying with anti-gravity technology is as common as riding a bicycle. The protagonist, Masaya Hinata, excels at a sport known as “Flying Circus”, but he is stymied in his career by a crushing defeat. He later meets several girls who rekindle his interest in the aerial games."
Some of the characters! @BlackoutZJ #6 for you! yet another daughter? XD
Some gifs/wallpapers to give you an idea!
@hikaymm No problem! 😁
@Alcides13 Thanks I might catch up on it today!
@BelleofRay It's pretty cool! i hope you like it! 😁 @Kevauna12 no problem at all! I hope you enjoy it!
why thank you! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ challenge accepted I'll put it on My watch list
Fly as a sport, I'm going to binge on this during spring break
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