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What's going on in the Marvel community?

It's been a pretty hopping week here, let's see what you might have missed!

It's been a wild week!

Here's some of the cool stuff that's happened:
+ @LAVONYORK has created a collection for Unsung Heroes that everyone should check out! ---> HERE
+There's some rumors about Spider-Man's role in Civil War ---> HERE thanks to @MichaelOgg ^_^
+Our friend @hhead232 brought us an awesome Venom throwback. ---> HERE
+And exciting news... the Marvel Caption contest will be returning tomorrow!!! Stay turned for more details and let me know if you'd like to be tagged!

Shoutout to an awesome community member!

@kuzuri96 left this really cool comment on @LadyLuna 's card last week and I wanted to share it with you all because I think that "nothing but love" is what we're all about! <3

Your to-do list!

You thought it was all fun and game? [Ok, it totally is].
+To help get everyone excited for the release of Daredevil this month, there are a series of truth or dare challenges to participate in! They're all --- HERE
+Two of our friends worked really hard on cards this week and they deserve some love! Check out THIS by @redapple615 and THIS by @amobigbang
+Have an idea about what Loki would do as a Starbucks barista? Make a card about it! +And of course, keep on being awesome ;)


1. Is there anything we (the mod team) can help you with?
We're not the Vingle gods, but we're here to keep things fun. Our message boxes are always open! But if there's anything you'd like to crowdsource, feel free to ask it here!
2. Tell us the WORST joke you know!
Here's mine (you can tell a worse one I'm sure): A tourist walks into a restaurant in Spain, and he sees another customer order this huge plate. It smells amazing, the person who ordered it is so pleased. The tourist immediately wants some. He asks the waiter, who sadly says "unfortunately los testículos de toro has to be reserved a day in advance." The tourist grins and says he'll be back tomorrow.
Upon his return, the waiter is prepared. The tourist sits down, remembering the amazing smell of the dish he's looking forward to. But when it arrives, it's tiny. It doesn't look as tasty. He calls the waiter: "excuse me, what's the deal? This isn't what I was expecting."
The waiter nods and says: "Yes. Sometimes, the bull wins."

Top that! ;)

New? Say hello!

We don't bite (unless you ask us to) so please introduce yourself here! We want to talk to you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

And to the rest of you: Keep it weird.
Here's the community check-in for the week! @BelleOfRay @anrelli @cardboardart @JimTurpen @Boggleman @Krystalstar22 @culversyanne @Marichel @JustinMims21 @YoSoySoysauce @AleciaReedy @LadyLuna @ComicGeek94 @CalebOrr @Beannachtoraibh @Eclare @RyanOgg @Namrow @MichaelOgg @MelissaGarza @DarrenRouton @dominika @MyAffairWith @jibarito @MarvelTrashCan @CandaceJordan @Otakukpopgirl @Ashcrimson @octoberHymns @jazziejazz @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @ChildOfSparda13 @StevenFrick @tbanj96 @DardenJustin @KristianHampton @redapple615 @DLowLewis @sammsosa @Kirooken @kuzuri96 @buddyesd @MoisEsGaray @DavidPap @MichelleHolly @SparkRIDE @MarySEW @TehDL @Captpeter @kneelb4zod @Melodicballoon @amobigbang @SarahRegulski @TiffanyPerez @Raavaan @CreeTheOtaku @peahyr @MajahnNelson @MaeKeyMae @ColeKat13 @Silver925 @DaiGakuSei @EasternShell @Awesomeperson @SamTheMallow @Thatperson512 @nenegrint14 @Lushisushi @LenaBlackRose @sarahpjane @Danse @ultraninja10 @Luci546 @Raadhiyah @KennethKalgren @zwdodds @shelbiisonfire @HaleValkyrie @AllieGrabowski @loftonc16 @Ssj4Otakudude @JayZK @humairaa @noWaifuNoLaifu @hhead232 @jeffpeterrutan @ReidoTerumi @DevilsSon @ChrisStephens @merryjayne13 @Naika8888 @xxwriter389xx @SeintoSeiya @ThePervySage @AlishiaDavis @BT2581 @gabbycalzada @animechild51 @mcbubbles @DavidFPuhala @lalaMF @CloeySuess @TambryInskeep @littlemaryk @KellerBertrand @OtakuDemon10 @ButterflyBlu @TonyjJohnson771 @Matthewripster @ChosenKnight @MishiiYukiko @JohnathonWest @AcaciaNguyen @MalcolmAllen @Elvisimo @ShinigamiSan @AnimeDragon @StevenFick @fireislife @TwiztidSpider @DomingoRamos @DanielDuRant @EmmanuelJoy @JosephMcCain @Dwash6 @NickCarlisle @MaighdlinS @jevonlowery @ZoilaObregon @arnelli @PaulChavarria @BenGiddens @JessicaFerrier @ALEXCAMACHO @SarahVanDorn @DwaynGrant @rsstarscream @BlackDragon88 @xtaylorfyingxx @nobankai @ChienWeiHuang @jamesyoungs @DereckTorres @raikage00 @scarfskeleton @dzaog @Sara3 @UNITZ @jeremimzy17 @HenryStill @CrystalBlunt @KhariPorchea @ChristinaOMalle @waywardtravler7 @magistermind @RaquelArredondo @Xiuyeolhyun @HBSWinchester @EmilianoMacias @KyleBerke @Annaharris1989 @seouls @JoseLopez96 @inaryuubi @PoojaHansda @dominika @TiffanyWallace @DiamondGregory @AliciaScherrer @LuvlyMochi @Kessisthebest @00JEDAs @Superdose323 @alison2013 @KaisPrincess phew!!! I think that's everyone who's been active this week. Can we all give ourselves a huge round of applause for being SO EXCITED this week??? I'm amazed at how many people have been on and chatting!! Thank you all for being awesome <3 <3 <3
@Dwash6 same here! I've never felt so welcome anywhere else @littlemaryk lol oh nooooooooo @Melodicballoon lol that one's a little fishy if you ask me ;)
I got a corny joke here: Why did the woman get a restraining order against the corn bread? It was stalking her!
Aw thank you for the shout out! Hmmm worst joke? This one was told by my cousin. "Knock Knock. Who's there? Daisy. Daisy who? Daisy me rollin', they hatin'"
@amobigbang heck yeah!!! I could tell you worked really hard ^_^ @LAVONYORK lol we all know @buddyesd bites back when you do XD
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