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Let's talk about stage names.

Sometimes they're ridiculous, sometimes they're really normal, and most times they are how the idols introduce themselves.

When talking about idols though, do you use their stage names or real names?!

Some examples:

N - Hakyeon

Hakyeon is always Hakyeon to me. N sounds weird to me and I only use it if I'm saying things he says like "N-night" instead of "good night: ;D

Suga - Yoongi

Total tie for me. I feel like I call him different things in different situations. On stage he's Suga, off stage he's Yoongi^^

D.O - Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo is always Kyungsoo to me, unless he is Satansoo.

CL - Chaelin

CL is always CL. Always.

Do you use stage names or real names?

Why and when?!

For BTS, I say Jin, Yoongi, Hobi, Rapmon, Tae. I don't usually prefer stage names over real names, but I guess when certain idols give off a certain vibe (especially rappers), I tend to call them by their stage names (but not always) like GD, CL, TOP, Rapmon, CAP, Zelo, etc. and honestly I call Yoon Mi Rae by YMR or sometimes Tasha Reid (well those are both names she goes by off stage too). But okay. do you call Tiffany Tiffany or Miyoung or Stephanie?
It really depends. With most idols, their real name seems to feel more natural to say than their stage names (to me at least). I usually only call GD, TOP, and CL by their stage name
It depends on the person for me. Like Hakyeon is Hakyeon about 80% of the time except for when he's being extremely rude and doing sex eyes. Like no that is N. But J-Hope is always Hobie. And I use nicknames and stuff too. Like Hongbin is Binnie, Daehyun is Daehyunnie. Seungri is RiRi. Like it really depends.
Stage names because they tell others apart from each other.
I agree with @AbbyRamey that it depends on the person. Like BamBam is BamBam for the usual reason. BTS' Jin is Jin because his name makes me think of Running Man's Ji Seokjin, lol. All of this is excluding the various nicknames I call some people too, lol.
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