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Let's talk about stage names.

Sometimes they're ridiculous, sometimes they're really normal, and most times they are how the idols introduce themselves.

When talking about idols though, do you use their stage names or real names?!

Some examples:

N - Hakyeon

Hakyeon is always Hakyeon to me. N sounds weird to me and I only use it if I'm saying things he says like "N-night" instead of "good night: ;D

Suga - Yoongi

Total tie for me. I feel like I call him different things in different situations. On stage he's Suga, off stage he's Yoongi^^

D.O - Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo is always Kyungsoo to me, unless he is Satansoo.

CL - Chaelin

CL is always CL. Always.

Do you use stage names or real names?

Why and when?!

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I always switch it up. Even in one sentence I could use both their real name and their stage name. I just let it flow I guess. Haha!
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Rap Monster is Namjoon for me because it's kinda odd to call him that. unless I call him Rapmon. J-Hope is Hobi a lot. G-dragon is usually GD because that's what I've called him for so long, same with Taeyang and Top. UNIQ is easy because they use their real names; Seungyoun just spells his slightly differently
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I like using my stage name its fun
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i use Both lol
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