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Over the past couple of years, it seems as if Katt Williams and Kevin Hart can't get along.
In regards to mold, they are similar (in a sense of build) but content, they are vastly different. Regardless of their differences, both are considered funny, but the question is: who is funnier?
Katt has sat on the sidelines of this one far too long for his liking, and hopped on Youtube to share his true feelings about Kevin Hart.
The comedian made a quick video to challenge Kevin to a $5 million match — any match. Williams' Conspiracy Theory tour is heading to Philadelphia on Saturday and Katt wants Kevin to put up or shut up.
“I got a show at your hometown–in Philly. I’ma tape my special there on that stage,” Katt informs in the minute-long video. “We could put whatever you want. A full-court basketball court. A boxing ring. Two microphones for a rap cypher. Or you can get your ass dusted in comedy on that stage. But it’s $1 million up for each one. That’s $5 million, Mr. $28 Million in Forbes. I’ll be bringing mine in cash, mitch. Bring yours however you want.”
If these two were to engage in a comedy standoff, who do you think would provide a better 30 minute set: Katt Williams or Kevin Hart?
Kevin Hart cannot rap so I'd rather see a comedy standoff. Both of them up there on stage like they're having a debate.
I'm down for a Katt Williams vs. Kevin Hart rap cypher.
Me either. But ive seen kevin hart try too.
Wait, @LarryOField, I've never heard Katt Williams rap!