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The newest 'Finding Dory' trailer was revealed today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show bringing your favorite characters back to the silver screen. Nemo, Marlin, and Dory will go back into the deep blue sea to find Dory's family, yes she remembers them! Some of your favorite characters like Mr. Ray, Nemo's teacher, and Crush, the surfer sea turtle come back to help Nemo, Marlin, and Dory on their adventure. From the looks of the trailer, it's going to be an immediate blockbuster hit.
One thing is for sure, Dory has a problem with sleep swimming which is presumably how Nemo and Marlin lose track of her. Though she's on a mission to reunite with her family, Dory faces the constant battle of short-term memory loss. In the trailer, Dory can be seen meeting up with an old friend who speaks "whale" while also befriending an octopus to escape a fish tank. Without a doubt, Dory will win audiences over with her adorably ditzy persona and great one-liners.
Hilariously, if you search the trailer online you'll come across hundreds of YouTube comments showing younger generations who are completely baffled to realize that Ellen DeGenerous is the voice of Dory. YouTube user "Bruh." posted, " Dory sounds like Ellen. Does Ellen voice Dory?" Quickly, viewers commented back making blunt responses such as , "I hope to god you're joking" and "Obviously you were born in like 2011". With Pixar debuting movies year after year, it's no surprise that younger audiences are starting to become out of touch with the older Pixar classics. They only know Ellen as a talk show host, not as an actor or comedian. Nonetheless, Dory will always be a fan favorite.

Will you go see the movie?

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Aw I love that they are involving Dori's family now. What I love about Finding Nemo is because it's about a family, and they dynamic between dad/son. I'm really excited to see this!!