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Summary: (you didnt really know what to think of your feelings but when you wanted V to teach you some moves but then junkook offers to teach you and your answer was...)
V: is that ok if jungkook can teach you instead of me cause he's a better teacher then me. You: yea yea no problem and thanks anyway i hope that another day if i need help you'll be there V: your welcome and yes ill always be here have fun with jungkook *winks* as he points at jungkook and walks away Jungkook: ok so you wanna learn the moves to run? "yea i know it looks hard but i really want to learn it because the moves seem really amazing i guess" jungkook: ok so this is the basic move so you get in a running position but its sort of going to be side to side *watch*~ demonstrating you: oooohhhhh so like this *shows* jungkook: yea like that wow im pretty impressive, your a fast learner ok lets add more 2 HOURS LATER
"ok stay in that pose". As soon as jungkook said that you got a little nervous and you also rechecked yourself to see if you were right or wrong. And you were of course a bit wrong in the main position but before you could tell him what you did wrong you felt his hand on your waist from behind and slowly adjust some flaws you made. When you wanted to fix yourself his grip tighted so that you couldnt move as easily, but this time he was in front of you with both hands on your waist. "Ahhhh what are you doing" you say as he has a desirable gaze on you that made you have chills down your spine. Before you clould get out of that pose and stand normal he kissed you. This wasn't any ordinary kiss this was a type a kiss that seemes like hes waited forever just to feel your soft lips. He didnt do it soft he did very demanding it seemed like. you pulled back out of surprised and when you did you saw the gult and worries he had in his eyes. junkook: im sorry i didnt mean to.. Im sorry please, please dont let this- Before you could let him finished you immediately grabed your stuff and ran out the building. You felt you face burning up from all the blushing. As soon as you got home you laid down and asked yourself~ How do I feel?
Soo sorry for taking long to upload this ive just been trying my hardest to make the best out of my writing. ❤coment if you want to be tagged if you arent already
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