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I'm new to Taco Bell. No complaints thus far. Not something I would eat everyday, but worth the wild ride here and there.
Since I've started to partake in the tasty tortilla treats, they have mixed in a couple new products, in particular, the Beefy Fritos Burrito and Dorito-shelled tacos. Have I tried them? Nope, I keep it as simple as possible in regards to their product, but I know plenty of people who have mixed it up.
For those who liked those two Burrito blends, Taco Bell has a new one on deck as the company just announced a new line of Cheetos Crunchwrap Sliders.
A recent press release from the company shared how the dynamic duo merged together:
“Taco Bell Crunchwraps have been a best-selling menu item since they were first introduced in nearly 10 years ago,” says Veronica Castillo, Head of Marketing and R&D, Taco Bell Canada. “This year, we’ve shaken things up to create a smaller-sized Crunchwrap with a new flavour profile that combines the much-loved Crunchwrap with another all-time fan favourite snack, Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeño. The two have come together to create a truly iconic taste experience – just for our Canadian fans.”
This one is pretty weird, even for Taco Bell. Cheetos are good, Tacos are good, but do you think these two items together will taste good?
just for our Canadian fans.....😢😢
Cruchwraps are my fav!!! I'm so excited for this!!