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Miley has always been a pro at Photoshop.

Happy Belated Birthday Justin Bieber!
Miley Cyrus has no boundaries so when she posted this 22nd birthday picture Tuesday of fellow star Justin Bieber, it got plenty of traction online. This epic photoshop face mashup is very impressive yet borderline creepy since the two stars have a shocking resemblance. With Cyrus posting to her 38.1M Instagram followers, it quickly has accumulated 510 thousand likes and over 14,000 comments making it an extremely sharable piece of media. This is not the first time that Cyrus has done a goofy photoshop photo of herself with another star, but this one could be her best one yet.
If you're wondering how Bieber celebrated his 22nd, you'll be jealous that he enjoyed his time in the snowy mountains. From his Instagram, fans were able to get some insight on his travels within his private jet, hanging out with his buddies, and his comfy dwellings after a long day of celebrating. Bieber is no longer a little kid anymore but that didn't stop him from sledding, taking some selfies by the snow-sickles, and trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue.

But really, I want to know what his face looked like when he saw the notification from Cyrus pop up on his screen...

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They look like they could be the same person. I never noticed that until this main picture lol.